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WARNING! PAM Cooking Spray EXPLOSIONS Causing Serious Injuries

CONSUMER ALERT: Multiple reports have been released of cooking sprays cans, such as PAM cooking spray cans, exploding when left near stoves leaving victims with horrific injuries to exposed areas

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Revealed; Consumer Safety Watchdogs Concerned

South Korean based smart phone giant Samsung Electronics revealed a plethora of different products today in a showcase in New York City, including the new “S8” smart phone Galaxy series

ALERT: Tide Pods Poisonings On The Rise

CONSUMER ALERT: Poisoning from laundry pods, such as the popular product Tide Pods, are on the rise in the United States.

RECALL ALERT: Walmart Recalls Electric Water Kettle

CONSUMER RECALL ALERT Walmart has recalled their Rival electric water kettle with model numbers WK8283CU and WK8283CUY due to already 80 cases of either burn or shock. About 1.2 million