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port neches explosion claim

Port Neches Plant Explosion Lawyers

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Port Neches Plant Explosion Claim Lawyers

Currently, TPC Group, the owners of the petrochemical plant that exploded in Port Neches, has opened up the claims process for the residents in Port Neches and surrounding areas that were affected by the explosion. Representatives are going door to door as well as accepting online claims at PortNechesRecovery.com.

Typical property damages you should be compensated for are:

– Cracked or Broken Tiles
– Cracked or Broken Windows
– Cracked of Fallen Walls
– Cracked or Fallen Ceilings
– Foundation shifts/damage

Also, if you were within a three-mile radius of the blast, there’s a high probability that you may have been injured yourself. If you were injured in the blast, you may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills.

Typical injuries sustained in a blast may include:

– Loss of Hearing or Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus)
– Chest Pains
– Headaches
– Abdominal Pain

FACT: Many Explosion Claims Will Be Denied Or Undervalued

With over 27 years of experience handling property and injury claims, we, the Port Neches explosion claim lawyers at Moore Law Firm, can confidently tell you that a large amount of legitimate explosion claims WILL either be denied, delayed, or underpaid.

The unfortunate fact of the insurance industry is that low-balling and denying legitimate hail claims helps line the pockets of insurance companies that are making hundreds of millions of dollars in premium payments all at the expense of Port Neches residents who can’t get enough money to either get their homes repaired or receive compensation for the injuries sustained in the blast.

At Moore Law Firm, we believe that enough is enough and it’s time FIGHT BACK and get your hail claim rightfully paid!

So What Do I Do If My Explosion Claim Was Denied, Delayed, Or Underpaid?

First of all, DON’T SIGN ANYTHING from TPC Group if they have made you an offer. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE A SECOND OPINION.

Call the Port Neches explosion claim lawyers at Moore Law Firm immediately for a FREE inspection and a FREE legal second opinion. We are here to help you navigate the explosion claims process. You may possibly be owed much more than you are being offered by TPC Group.

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