Drunk Driving on St. Patrick’s Day? Don’t Push Your Luck

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The first sign of Spring, for most of us who live in South Texas anyway, doesn’t come from the warming of the air or the smell of crisp, fresh rain in the morning. It’s in the color green; not on any tree or field, but on the t-shirts, dresses, socks, ties of all those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day over pint after pint after bottle after bottle of beer. Although roughly upwards of 90% of the Rio Grande Valley’s population is Hispanic, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day has transcended national origin in the area as most residents will find themselves or know of at least one other person who will be celebrating this Tuesday.

St. Patrick’s Day Drinking By The Numbers

30.5% of Americans will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going to a bar or a restaurant with over 52.3% of Americans expected to celebrate this year; that’s more people than who watched this year’s Super Bowl. $36.50 is the average amount a St. Patrick’s Day celebrator will spend on alcohol, food, among other things, while 13 million pints of Guinness, a popular Irish dry stout, are expected to be consumed.

Although these statistics seem harmless, when you dig in a little deeper, we can begin to see the consequences of those who decide not to celebrate responsibly.

Between 2009 through 2013, there have been 276 recorded drunk driving fatalities, which adds up to 1 drunk driving death per 46 minutes on St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps the most alarming statistic is 75% of fatal car crashes on St. Patrick’s Day involve the drunk driver being twice over the legal drinking limit.

Who Else Is At Fault If A Drunk Driver Hits Me?

Obviously, the drunk driver who caused the accident is mainly at fault, however restaurants and bars that serve alcohol, called “Dram Shops,” also share a responsibility to ensure that they do not over-serve any guest. In other words, if a person were to become intoxicated at a specific restaurant or bar and was later involved in an accident that either injured or killed another person, under Texas Law, that restaurant or bar is also at fault. Servers and Bartenders are trained and certified by the TABC to ensure they do not over-serve ANY patron, and as well as take necessary measures to ensure the patron does not leave the restaurant or bar with the intent to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver, What Do I Do?

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