How To Keep From Paying Outrageous Hospital Bills (ABC Action News)

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Almost every day, you read a new story of how hard working Americans are paying outrageous hospital bills. ABC Action News reports out of Tampa, Florida of patients coming forward with their own hospital bill nightmares.

From the article:

In Florida, you’re most likely to be overbilled by a hospital if you are out of network, if you’ve been in an automobile accident or if you are not insured.

Wendy Hunt went to the ER at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point after a minor car crash.

“I was in the hospital for six hours. $40,000. $36,000 of which were CT scans,” said Hunt.

ABC Action News consulted with a billing expert, Jeremy Reimer, to further explain the hospital over billing scam:

“These bill amounts have no basis in reality,” said Jeremy Reimer, who says he is astounded at the huge hospital bills he’s seen recently.

“They’re charging 10, 20, 30 times more than they would otherwise accept as payment,” said Reimer.

Reimer looked over her (Wendy Hunt’s) bill, including a CT scan that cost $14,000.

“The Medicare payment for that CT scan is $375,” said Reimer. “36 times what’s a reasonable amount, what the hospital accepts as payment all day long, every day of the week.”

36 TIMES well over the reasonable and regular rate. That’s hospital billing fraud at it’s absolute worst.

However, Reimer does have some advice for people who visit the Emergency Room who do not have insurance and don’t want to pay as high a bill.

Reimer says always ask for and verify itemized billing statements, then work with the hospital to bring those big bills down before agreeing to any type of payment plan.

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Source: ABC Action News