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Millennials, It’s Time To Find OUR Lawyer

#Adulting is often the phrase we millennials use when we accomplish something that our parents did without Google’s help. As we start coming of age, this #adulting thing will begin to look less and less impressive as it just naturally becomes a routine in our everyday lives. As much as we all dread it, it’s time for us to grow up and stop #adulting and actually start committing to thinking AS adults. This ultimately includes building our own personal network of trusted professionals we can rely on when in need.

Much like the family doctor or mechanic, our parents and our grandparents often had the number of a lawyer taped by the phone that they would call when they would run into any legal troubles. Our parents’ lawyer was often a trusted member of our family’s personal network and was always ready to help when needed.

Back then, our parents would have to ask around their family and friends to find a lawyer, and now, lawyers are more accessible than ever with many jumping on social media and having a large online presence. There’s simply no excuse for us to simply wait to look for a lawyer until we REALLY need one; do your research NOW and save yourself the headache of making a hasty choice that you might regret.

As a millennial myself, I’ll say it for the rest of us: It’s time to find OUR lawyer.

Why Should I Get A Personal Lawyer?

Really this question can be answered by simply stating “Why not?” but, again as a millennial myself, I like to know why I should be doing something and how it’s going to benefit me in the long-run:

  1. Build A Trusting Relationship – When you partner with a lawyer who legitimately cares for you as a client, it is fairly easy to build a trusting relationship with that lawyer because you already know that they have your best interest at heart. Having a lawyer ready to go saved on your phone means that you can depend on them and their legal expertise whenever they’re needed.
  2. Most Lawyers Are Cool With Answering Straightforward Legal Questions – Most lawyers who work on contingency are surprisingly pretty open about their knowledge of the law. If it isn’t a terribly complicated question that will require a ton of research, most lawyers will simply answer your questions free of charge. (Sidenote: that can REALLY come in handy when debating people on Facebook)
  3. Extensive Referral Network – Usually, if your lawyer can’t help because it is out of their expertise, they usually have a LARGE network of other lawyers they will personally refer you over to; usually these lawyers are people that YOUR lawyer has worked with previously and trusts.
  4. They Can Potentially Save You From Making A Bad Decision – Can you file a lawsuit without a lawyer? Yep. Can you negotiate a car accident injury settlement without a lawyer? Yep. Should you do any of these things by trying to play “pretend lawyer?” NOPE. Lawyers can’t guarantee results, but you sure have a much better shot at beating the other side’s lawyer with a lawyer of your own.

What Should You Look For in a Lawyer?

Behind the thousands of gimmicky lawyer nicknames and the ocean of terrible TV ads of lawyers screaming out for you to CALL NOW are legitimately trained legal scholars who have spent years studying the law to give everyone access to justice and a fair fight against odds that may be stacked against them.

The question is: how do you separate them when you really need to find a lawyer for your case?

Incredibly, not even lawyers can differentiate themselves from each other because most lawyers win and lose at fairly the same rate. There is no such thing as a lawyer who is “undefeated” because winning and losing on the negotiating table is extremely subjective when both sides can claim victory.

There are, however, a few ways you could go about doing your research in finding who could potentially be the right lawyer for you.

  1. Look For Any Disciplinary Action Taken Against The Lawyer – Incredibly, this is something a lot of people did not know even existed. Every lawyer is regulated by their respective state bar and all lawyers practicing in Texas are regulated by the State Bar of Texas. The State Bar of Texas legislates and enforces rules and regulations for lawyers to follow such as advertising guidelines as well as guidelines for professional conduct. If a lawyer is disciplined by the State Bar, the penalty could be a suspension of their license to practice law or even permanent disbarment. A simple search on their website or by Googling “(insert lawyer name here) State Bar of Texas” will allow you to access their public profile with current practice status, their bar number, and any previous disciplinary actions of the attorney you are looking up. For reference, here is J. Michael Moore’s State Bar of Texas profile. As you can see, Mr. Moore is currently eligible to practice in Texas, has practiced for over 27 years and does not have any disciplinary actions taken against him for misconduct. It’s important to understand that misconduct may have no bearing on a lawyers’ ability and skill, however, it’s understandable that those who are doing their research would like to take it into consideration.
  2. Look At Lawyer Online Reviews – Just as you would consider reviews at a restaurant, lawyers and their firms are reviewed by their clients as well. Places like Google, Facebook, or Avvo are great places to look up these client reviews. It’s always a best practice to carefully go through each of their reviews and look for keywords that you may consider in your decision. Words like “helpful” or “honest” could help frame the story of the previous client’s experience with the lawyer. Try to parse out reviews that are extreme, either too positive or too negative so as to “weed-out” the “homers” and the “haters.”
  3. Schedule A Meeting With The Lawyer and Their Staff – If you are seriously considering hiring a lawyer, it is highly suggested you have a meeting with the lawyer and/or their staff either in person, via Skype, or on the phone. Ask yourself: Do they sound prepared to help me or do they all seem disorganized and not-at-all assuring? Remember, LAWYERS CANNOT GUARANTEE RESULTS so be wary of anybody who tries to sell you on ANY guarantee of winning. If it SOUNDS too good to be true then it probably is and you should stay clear. When you hire an attorney, it is highly likely that you will be speaking with their staff much more regularly. When you have your initial meeting with their staff, take notice of how attentive they are to you and whether they see you as a person with a real legal problem or just another person they have to “deal with.” Also, take note that staff members CANNOT answer legal questions so if a staff member is giving you legal advice, you have every right to ask if they are a lawyer.
  4. Research Their Areas of Practice – Just like doctors practice different areas of medicine, lawyers often practice different areas of law. If you’re in a car accident, it’s always a best practice to look for lawyers who have experience in being a car accident injury lawyer. Do some digging and check out their websites to see what they advertise as their areas of practice to ensure you make the right decision.

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