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Work Injuries

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The Reality Of Being Injured At Work

In South Texas, especially here in McAllen, we have an economy that is heavily industrial, which means that many people in our community work on job sites that can be dangerous. Many of us work around heavy equipment, powerful machinery, or in hazardous environments. The work injury attorneys of the Moore Law Firm understand the challenges that McAllen workers face and we are ready to help if you get injured on the job.

Construction Site Injuries

Unfortunately, work-related injuries in the construction industry are all too common and can result in complicated legal issues regarding liability for construction site injury compensation. If you are an independent contractor or subcontractor and you are injured at a job site, you are likely not eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits, but may still be able to receive compensation from a general contractor or other party. The construction site injury lawyers of the Moore Law Firm will help you sort out who can be held responsible for your injury and seek appropriate compensation.

Oil Field Injuries

Oil is big business in Texas, and the oil industry employs a large portion of the McAllen and south Texas population. As a result, many of our workplace injury cases involve accidents at oilfields and other oil industry job sites. Our work injury attorneys are familiar with the oil industry and the dangers oilfield workers face, including valve blowouts, drill bit accidents, and explosions. Whether you are an oil company employee or a contractor, we will help you find out who is liable to help potentially compensate you for medical bills and lost wages that result from your oilfield accident injury

Jones Act Claims

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, more commonly called the Jones Act, allows sailors and offshore oil rig workers to seek compensation for injuries caused by their employers’ or fellow workers’ negligence. Depending on the time on the job you spend at sea, you may be able to file a Jones Act claim for work injuries in your field. The work injury lawyers of the Moore Law Firm will help you determine your legal options and which work injury laws apply in your case.

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