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If You’re Injured in a Car Accident In McAllen? You Need An Experienced McAllen Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents, especially during rush hour, are fairly common in McAllen. Hot spots such as the 10th and Expressway 83, the Ware Road exit, and Bicentennial and Nolana are typically where most of the car accidents occur. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in McAllen, you have every right to seek compensation for your injuries.

The McAllen car accident lawyers at Moore Law Firm know these roads and know our community. We’ve helped car accident victims all over McAllen for over 28 years and have won hundreds of millions in compensation for our victims.

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Voted The #1 McAllen Car Accident Lawyer

Out of hundreds of McAllen lawyers, J. Michael Moore and Moore Law Firm were voted #1 by the readers of The Monitor, McAllen’s largest newspaper. This award is a testament to the trust our McAllen community has in our lawyers and the results of winning millions for our clients.

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McAllen Car Accident Lawyers

McAllen Car Accident Statistics

Where are the most dangerous roads to drive in McAllen? How many car accidents happen in McAllen? In an effort to keep our McAllen residents well informed, your McAllen car accident lawyers at Moore Law Firm will begin chronicling monthly McAllen car accident statistics.
3064 Total Car Accidents, McAllen 2019
9351 Total People Involved In Car Accidents, McAllen 2019
2017 People Injured or Killed In Car Accidents, McAllen 2019
25 People Injured or Killed In McAllen Car Accidents Daily

Featured In The Monitor

How Long Does A Car Accident Lawsuit Take In Texas?

Attorney J. Michael Moore spoke with reporters from The Monitor to talk about the ins and outs of a car accident injury lawsuit in McAllen.

Meet Our McAllen Car Accident Lawyers

At Moore Law Firm, we pride ourselves in recruiting the best legal strategists for our clients with a plethora of years in skillful negotiation and winning litigation.

J. Michael Moore

With over 25 years of litigation experience, J. Michael Moore has dedicated his practice in providing his community with access to the justice they deserve.

Owner/Principal Attorney

About McAllen, Texas

Sitting in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen is known for its vibrant culture and booming international business, and the wonderful people who make up this beautiful community are as warm as their toasty winters.

Attorney J. Michael Moore was born and raised in McAllen and instilled in his firm the character and hard work he learned from his family and fellow McAllen neighbors. Our staff is proud to have our flagship office right here in McAllen.

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