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Use This Checklist To Make Sure Your Children’s Day Care Is Safe

As parents, sometimes it isn’t easy leaving our children in someone else’s care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 61.1% of families have both parents employed, 56.3% of which have a child 6 years or younger. This means, now more than ever, daycares play a prevalent role for working families.

Knowing that more and more families are relying on day care for their children still doesn’t settle most parents’ concerns about their safety. It’s completely normal to have these concerns as our law firm has seen a multitude of cases involving children being injured at day care due to child caretaker negligence and even abuse.

Unfortunately, day care accidents and injuries do occur often, however, as a parent, you can help make sure that your child’s day care is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of your child.

Day Care Safety Checklist

If you’re a parent with a child currently in day care or if you’re exploring you’re a new parent exploring your options, make sure you keep this Day Care Safety Checklist to help ensure that your child is safe:


Day Care Safety Checklist Day Care Injury Lawyer Moore Law Firm


Download the Day Care Safety Checklist

What Should I Do If My Child Was Injured At Day Care?

If your child was involved in an injury while they were at day care, there are two important steps you need to follow:

  1. Take Your Child To The Doctor – Make sure your child is seen by a doctor immediately to ensure nothing else is wrong. It is highly unlikely that a staff member of the day care is a medical professional so if your day care tells you that your child’s injury is not serious DO NOT TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT! Unfortunately, most staff members will look out only for themselves and their jobs and may attempt to downplay your child’s injuries.
  2. Call An Experienced Day Care Injury Lawyer Immediately – There is a very small window of opportunity to help ensure that you and your child can potentially receive justice for their injuries. An experienced injury lawyer will be able to help preserve any evidence the day care may have involving what happened that caused your child’s injury and can help potentially acquire money to help you pay for your child’s medical bills.

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