WARNING! PAM Cooking Spray EXPLOSIONS Causing Serious Injuries

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CONSUMER ALERT: Multiple reports have been released of cooking sprays cans, such as PAM cooking spray cans, exploding when left near stoves leaving victims with horrific injuries to exposed areas including their face, neck, and hands.

Exploding Cooking Spray Fires: A Well Documented History

Consumers falling victim of severe injuries due to exploding cooking spray cans is not a new phenomenon, but has a well-documented history.

In Ohio, an exploding cooking spray can nearly killed a woman as she suffered through horrific burns through her face, arms and chest. The woman was taken to a local hospital and at the time of the writing was an outpatient at a local burn clinic. The woman stated that she remembered “putting the fork in a pan” and the next moment an explosion occurred and that she “was on fire.”

A Pennsylvania woman suffered severe burns to her hands and face after a cooking spray can exploded after accidentally falling into a pan while she was cooking, spewing hot grease the moment the explosion occurred.

A woman from New Jersey suffered 2nd and 3rd-degree burns to her face after she left a can of cooking spray near one of the burners.

In Colorado, two cooks at a local steakhouse were hospitalized after a can of cooking spray exploded after being left near a stove.

In Connecticut, a flash fire from an exploding cooking spray can left another victim with 3rd-degree burns to their face, chest, and arms.

It’s safe to assume that even with a handful of incidents making headlines, there are likely hundreds if not thousands of similar instances where victims were seriously injured in a cooking spray explosion fire.

All across the country, as we see this dangerous trend continue, these cooking spray fire incidents are leaving many with one particular question:

Why Do Cooking Spray Fires Keep Occurring? An Investigation

According to data compiled by Dr. Michael Fox of Chemaxx, a design flaw in the cooking spray can is likely to blame for most of these explosions.

Each of the cooking spray cans examined by Chemaxx had vents at the bottom of the cans, intended to release pressure and prevent the can from exploding, however, upon further examination of the cans, the design is seemingly having an unintended effect.

Their testing results showed that the cooking spray cans were releasing pressure at temperatures and pressures which were considerably below those expected to cause venting of the aerosol containers.

Upon further examination of the contents being released from the cans during this pressure release showed that near an open flame, the contents were extremely flammable, triggering the gas released from the cooking spray can to ignite into, essentially, a ball of fire shown here:

Two major design flaws working in concert for a disastrous result that could potentially lead to more unsuspecting victims injuring themselves while using this product.

Potential Injuries from Cooking Spray Explosion Fires

Injuries directly associated with cooking spray explosion fires are similar to injuries associated with large fires which include:

  • First, Second and Third-degree burns to exposed areas such as the face, arms, hands, and neck
  • Blindness
  • Death

At the of this writing, these incredibly dangerous products continue to be marketed and sold to households all across the country. Naturally, many consumers may have certain questions such as:

What Kind of Laws Protect People Hurt In A Cooking Spray Explosion Fire?

Consumer protection laws are in place at both the federal and state level to ensure that consumers are sold products that are safe for ordinary use. If a product does not comply with consumer protection laws, compensation may be owed to victims injured while using the product, such as aerosol cooking sprays.

Should I Hire A Lawyer If I’ve Been Injured In A Cooking Spray Explosion Fire?

Absolutely. Hiring a defective product lawyer or a product liability lawyer will significantly increase your chances of potentially being compensated for your injuries. An attorney’s expertise in the laws set in place to protect consumers can be wielded to yield a much more favorable result than taking on the manufacturer alone. It’s highly likely that victims who are not represented by an attorney may be asked to settle for extraordinarily less.

It is always in your best interest to advise with an experienced product liability attorney if you have been injured in a cooking spray explosion fire.

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