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In-Network Hospital Bills Woman For Out-of-Network Doctor

In yet another example of egregious hospital bills, Dallas-area resident Axelle Brown received an outrageous bill for using an out-of-network Doctor when she went into labor at her in-network hospital.

Dallas Man Pays Over $2K/Mo. On Insurance, Gets Stuck With $128K Hospital Bill

In stories we’d wish were false, Steve Cole of Dallas received an out-of-network hospital bill of $128,731.53 that his health insurance will not cover.

ABC News: Hospital Charges $40 To Allow Parents To Hold Their Baby

In this week’s episode of The Twilight Zone, a hospital in Provo, Utah charged $40 to allow parents to carry their newborn. From ABC News: Ryan Grassley’s wife, Lidia Grassley,

Study: Hospital Bills Are Leaving Americans Bankrupt

According to a study done by NerdWallet, a personal finance company, hospital bills are the leading cause for personal bankruptcy in the US. Every year, more and more Americans are

Chicago Tribune Commentary: A Hospital Bill To Make You Sick

John McCarren teaches and writes on urban affairs in the greater Chicago area. This week, McCarren took to his pending outrageous hospital bill to pen his latest commentary. Recently, he

Washington Post: How Nonprofit Hospitals Overcharge The (Under and) Uninsured

Lena Sun of the Washington Post highlights how some of the largest non-profit hospitals in the US are outrageously overcharge their under and uninsured patients. In the article, Sun cites a

How To Keep From Paying Outrageous Hospital Bills (ABC Action News)

Almost every day, you read a new story of how hard working Americans are paying outrageous hospital bills. ABC Action News reports out of Tampa, Florida of patients coming forward with their

WATCH: Moore Law Firm Hospital Lien Commercial

Make sure to catch our hospital lien commercial airing on CBS-KGBT and KNVO! Attention car crash victims! Have you or a loved one been injured in a car crash and

Texas: #1 in Hailstorm Damage

Like snow and sleet, hail is categorized as a form of frozen precipitation. Lumps or balls of irregular shaped ice called “hailstones” are formed within strong to severe thunderstorms. According

Hospital Liens & Texas Law: Fighting Unreasonable Medical Bills

Imagine This Scenario: You just left work after a hard day, anxious to return home to your loved ones. You use the same familiar route as always, carefully maneuvering through