What Your Hospital Doesn't Want You To Know

Hospital Billing Fraud

The Hospital Lien Scam

You were in an accident..

After you’ve been released, the hospital files a “hospital lien” against you at the county clerk’s office. The lien has to be resolved before the third party insurance carrier pays for your personal injuries. At the time you are resolving your personal injury case, the hospital may be demanding that you pay an unlawful amount for the medical services the hospital has provided to you. Unless you agree to the terms dedicated by the hospital, the hospital will not release the hospital lien and you will NOT get your personal injury settlement.

Are You A Victim?

We Are Here To Fight For You! The Attorneys at the Moore Law Firm are bringing the fight to hospitals and medical providers for the over-billing practices they may have committed against you. In the first group of cases we are representing those of you who have been in an accident of some kind and were treated at a hospital emergency room

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