Hail Damage Insurance Claims and Legal Strategies For Homeowners

Strategies for Homeowners Filing Hail Damage Insurance Claims

When a hailstorm damages your roof, siding, and other property, you may not think twice about filing an insurance claim for the losses you have suffered. However, before you contact the insurance company, you should seek the help of a hail damages attorney who can prepare and file a claim with a quick and fair outcome.

How to Strengthen Your Hail Damage Claim

When a hail insurance claim is filed, the claimant wants the best possible settlement for their losses. However, this can be difficult, especially if the insurance adjuster is working against you.

When dealing with a claims adjuster, to strengthen your case, you must do the following:

  • Gather evidence of any damage
  • Take action to prevent the damage from worsening
  • When the claims adjuster assesses the damage done to your property, be prepared
  • Do not give a recorded statement

Gathering Evidence

You’ll need evidence that supports your claim when you present your case to the insurance adjuster.

To support your claim, you should:

  • Within a 10×10 square foot area, count the number of hail marks.
  • Take photos and video of any damage done to your property
  • Keep all damage-related bills and receipts

Prevent Further Damage to Your Property

Insurance companies are often overwhelmed after a serious weather event. This means it can take several days before the insurance adjuster visits your property to assess the damage. While you wait, you must protect your property to prevent further damage. If not, the claims adjuster may not cover any losses that occurred after the storm.

To protect your property:

  • Board up any broken windows and store your vehicle in the garage
  • Place tarps over any holes
  • Dry any water damage
  • Do not use any items that are already damaged
  • Avoid hiring a contractor to conduct any repairs without first speaking with the insurance company and a hail damages lawyer.

Prepare for the Insurance Adjuster’s Assessment

The insurance adjuster may visit your property to assess the extent of damage. You must prepare for their visit to avoid being caught off guard.

To prepare:

  • Review the insurance policy
  • Ensure you’ll be home and available for the appointment
  • Participate during the assessment
  • Show the insurance adjuster photos before and after the damage
  • During the visit, stick only to the facts

Do Not Give a Recorded Statement

The claims adjuster may ask for a recorded statement after they have assessed the damage. You are under no obligation to provide a recorded statement. If you do, the insurance adjuster will hope that you:

  • Admit fault
  • Failed to take adequate measures to protect your property
  • Reveal something that could harm your claim
  • Free the insurer of liability

During the assessment, only provide basic information, such as the policy number.

Prepare for Negotiations

You don’t have to accept the insurance company’s first settlement offer. In most cases, the first offer will not cover the full extent of the damage. During this time, you’re allowed to negotiate a better offer. You can meet with contractors to have the damage assessed and provide the insurance company with copies of these estimates to prove your demand for compensation

Contact a Hail Damages Lawyer

If you feel that the insurance company is not offering fair compensation for your damages, you should contact a hail damages lawyer. A hail damages attorney can deal with the insurance company and fight for the fair compensation you’re owed.

Why Hire a Hail Damages Lawyer

Even if you feel confident with the progress of your claim, you can still gain a lot of valuable guidance and information by hiring an experienced attorney. An attorney who specializes in this type of issue is familiar with the common pitfalls and challenges, meaning they will have the most current information regarding how to avoid any issues with the insurance company and what to do to recover the compensation you’re owed.

Unfortunately, a hail damage claim is one of the most commonly denied or underpaid types of claims. An insurance company may underestimate damages, argue about coverage, or refuse necessary replacements. If you don’t understand your policy, you can’t be sure that you’re getting the compensation you deserve. If you have questions about your coverage, you don’t have to risk harming your claim by moving forward without first knowing the answers you need to make an informed decision. You may not be able to spot common tricks used by insurers before it’s too late. However, an experienced hail damages lawyer can hold an insurance company responsible and ensure that you recover a fair settlement.

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