Tennis Ball Sized Hail Hits Midland (VIDEO)

A thunderstorm that passed through Midland and on through West of Abilene brought with it tennis ball-sized hail that left a trail of damage yesterday evening.

According to early reports, the hailstone sizes reached up to as high as 2.5″ in diameter between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM CST along the Permian Basin. Cars littered with dents and broken windows as well as substantial roof damage has been reported in parts of Midland by numerous local sources.

This video taken by a Midland resident shows Security Bank Ballpark, home of the Midland RockHounds, being absolutely blanketed in hail.

Videos, Pictures, and Tweets Of The April 2019 Midland Hail Storm

What Should I Do If My House Was Hit By Hail?

Right now, you should be looking for signs of any damage to your home. Lifted or damaged shingles, cracked or broken windows are all common hail storm damage indicators. Another indicator is a leaky roof; if Midland sees rainfall over the next few days, keep a close eye for any water spots forming on your ceiling or walls.

If you DO find damage, take plenty of pictures and keep a diary of damages that you can refer back to and file a hail claim with your insurance.

When Does A Hail Damage Lawyer Get Involved In The Process?

As everyday people ourselves, we would love to see your insurance carrier give you the money you need to fix your damages 100%. As hail damage lawyers, we know they probably won’t no matter how much we hope. If your hail damage claim is denied, delayed, or underpaid, you can always seek the advice of a hail damage lawyer who may be able to help recuperate the money from your legitimate claim.

If a skilled hail storm lawyer can prove that your insurance company acted in what’s called “bad faith,” then you may be entitled to three times as much money for punishment against your carrier.

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