The Infamous McAllen Hailstorm of 2012 Happened Seven Years Ago

On March 29, 2012, McAllen was absolutely pummelled by one of the worst hail storms Texas has ever seen.

Parts of the city saw hail the size of baseballs swoop down while being driven by frequent winds of over 75 MPH. In other parts, hail slammed overhead for over an hour, leaving behind piles of hail drifts as high as four feet.

The preliminary report suggested that over 1,000 homes were damaged in the storm estimating at about $200 million in damages; that number would balloon up to 1100 homes and more than 60 businesses causing closer to $600 million in damages, tieing it for 16th in Texas’ costliest storms ever.

For those who were not here for the storm, here are some videos to help with perspective as to how awful this storm was:

J. Michael Moore, McAllen’s Hail Damage Lawyer

Although many McAllen residents had already been through enough with such a devastating hailstorm, many were completely blindsided when most of their legitimate storm damage insurance claims were either denied, delayed, or underpaid by their insurance carriers.

Attorney J. Michael Moore recalls that he couldn’t stand idly by while his community, trying to rebuild in the face of the worst natural disaster to hit the Rio Grande Valley since Hurricane Allen in 1980, kept facing battle after battle simply trying to get their homes fixed.

“People were having to go out and borrow money to put up a roof after they’d already made payments on their policy,” said Moore, who personally helped hundreds of McAllen residents fight their insurance companies. “For me, it was simple. Most of the homeowners here had been paying their monthly premiums on time and when it was time for the insurance company to help, they did nothing, so I felt like I needed to step in and help.”

Thanks to the hail storm lawyers at Moore Law Firm, McAllen residents were able to secure millions to get their homes repaired.

My Hailstorm Damage Claim Was Denied/Delayed/Underpaid, What Should I Do?

Speak To An Experienced Hailstorm Lawyer IMMEDIATELY! Insurance companies are in the business of making sure they stay profitable. They do this by low-balling their clients and outright denying legitimate hailstorm claims. Insurance companies will often give you the run-around and expect you to settle for their first offer which will always be lower than it takes to ensure that your home is fixed. That’s where a skilled hailstorm lawyer can help; having negotiated thousands of hailstorm damage claims, an experienced hailstorm damage lawyer will know exactly how to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to win your hailstorm claim.

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Storm Damage Claims 101

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