Top Five Questions You Should Ask When Looking To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer In Texas


We all know that getting into a serious car accident can be a life-altering event and with insurance companies squeezing every penny from your injury claim, it’s more important than ever to hire the right lawyer for your car accident claim.

But from the tens of thousands of lawyers all across the State of Texas, how do you know which car accident lawyer is right for you? To help narrow down your choices, here are the top five questions you should ask every Texas car accident lawyer you consider hiring.

1. Are You Licenced To Practice Car Accident Injury Law In Texas?

This is perhaps the most important question. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Texas, you will absolutely need an attorney licensed to practice in Texas for your case. There are few exceptions where an out-of-state lawyer can represent a Texas client, but this would have to be granted by a Texas judge on a case-by-case basis. Hiring a¬† ¬†ensures that you’re getting legal representation who is familiar with our state laws and procedures.

2. How Many Years Of Car Accident Injury Law Experience Do You Have?

Let’s be very clear: more experience does not always mean better representation. However, some clients would rather have peace of mind knowing that their car accident attorney has spent most of their career fighting the same types of cases. An attorney with years of legal experience, much like most other professions, is often seen as being superior to one that may still be learning the ins and outs of Texas car accident injury law.

3. Is Your Office Capable Of Representing Injury Clients In My Area?

Sometimes, a law firm may have a principal office hundreds of miles away from your current location. Some law firms are perfectly capable of representing clients far away while others don’t have those resources. It’s always best to ask this question to see if the prospective Texas injury lawyer will be fully capable of handling your car accident case.

4. What Is The Biggest Injury Settlement Or Judgment You’ve Received For A Client?

Serious car accidents that result in devastating injuries or death are some of the most complicated and contentious car accident cases that Texas lawyers will face. In many of these cases, the stakes are extraordinarily high with damages in the six to seven figures range and are often handled by more seasoned Texas car accident lawyers.

5. Will You Still Be My Lawyer If A Lawsuit Is Filed For My Injury Case?

The truth of the matter is that most car accident cases in Texas will be settled and resolved before a lawsuit is ever filed. However, there are many instances where filing a lawsuit will be necessary if there’s either a breakdown in negotiations or the statute of limitations deadline is approaching. Unfortunately, some Texas injury attorneys only have the resources to handle cases that don’t need a lawsuit filed and may refer your case to another lawyer to handle your lawsuit. There are, however, Texas injury attorneys that are more than capable of handling your case before AND after a lawsuit is filed. Again, this is a matter of preference for any client, but this is certainly a question that should be answered upfront by every Texas car accident lawyer.

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