Washington Post: How Nonprofit Hospitals Overcharge The (Under and) Uninsured

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Lena Sun of the Washington Post highlights how some of the largest non-profit hospitals in the US are outrageously overcharge their under and uninsured patients.

In the article, Sun cites a study from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation that analyzed the tax returns of nearly 2,000 non-profit hospitals. The study’s findings paint a bleak financial picture for patients of these sampled non-profit hospitals.

From the article:

• Only 42 percent of hospitals were notifying patients that they could be eligible for charity care before trying to collect unpaid medical bills.

• Only 29 percent said they charged uninsured and under-insured patients generally the same rate they charged private insurance and Medicare. Researchers assume that many of the remaining hospitals charged more.

•20 percent, or 1 in 5, were reporting patients to credit agencies or placing liens on their properties or garnishing wages, practices that aren’t supposed to happen if hospitals are following the rules.

• Only 11 percent of hospitals said they had a conducted a community needs assessment in the past three years to identify pressing health issues in their local community.

This is only a mere sample of some of the other ways hospitals are committing financial fraud against their unsuspecting patients. Research such as this suggests that it is not only a Texas problem, but a nation-wide epidemic where, potentially, your hospital is swindling you as a patient.

Did Your Hospital Overcharge You?

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