5 Fatal Mistakes Car Crash Victims Make That Can Ruin Their Case

Being in a car crash can be frightening and nerve-wracking for those who have never been involved in one. It’s always important to remain calm and assess the situation with a clear mind, but most importantly, to be prepared for when it happens.

Unfortunately, too often in the heat of the moment, victims may make these mistakes that can absolutely ruin their chances of earning a fair settlement and compensation for their injuries. Here are the 5 fatal mistakes car crash victims make that can ruin their case:

Car Crash Victims Don’t Call 911

Calling 911 should be the first number victims dial when they’ve been in a car accident, even if the wreck is minor. Why? Because¬†victims NEED to have the accident officially documented with a police report to help determine who was at fault. Without a police report, you’re left at the mercy of an insurance adjuster who has every incentive to deny you your injury compensation.

Car Crash Victims Don’t Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Most medical experts will agree that even if you’re involved in a minor traffic accident, you should still seek medical attention immediately. Not only will you ensure that you aren’t suffering from anything serious such as internal bleeding, but help pin down your injuries to the accident itself. Waiting days after the accident to see a medical professional can decrease your chances of a fair settlement significantly.

Car Crash Victims Don’t Take Pictures of the Accident

The old saying “a picture says a thousand words” rings true here. Pictures can be used as evidence to determine just how serious your injuries were by how damaged the vehicles ended up. Everyone has a smartphone now with a camera built-in; there really shouldn’t be any excuse as to why pictures of the accident can’t be taken.

Car Crash Victims Don’t Gather Witnesses

Gathering witnesses that corroborate the truth may mean the difference between you being compensated for your injuries and you being blamed for the accident. Often times, it may not be obvious for the responding officer to determine who was at fault, and very quickly, the incident can turn into an ugly “he-said, she-said,” putting your chances of being rightfully compensated at severe risk.

Car Crash Victims Don’t Hire An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Many victims will fall into this mistake and never, ever fully recover the full amount of what they were owed. An experienced car crash attorney will know exactly how to handle the insurance’s adjusters and put you in the very best position to collect on your personal injury claim. There’s simply no substitute for an experienced personal injury lawyer who will negotiate your claim on your behalf and ensure that you compensated to the fullest extent possible.
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