What Happens When A Business Posts a “We’re Not Responsible” Sign?

If you’ve been to your local restaurant or laundromat, you’ve probably seen a sign posted somewhere that reads “Notice: We Are Not Responsible For Any Accidents On This Property.” Does this sign have any merit whatsoever in the eyes of Texas premises liability laws?

The answer is simply, no.

Just because a business owner puts up a sign that says that they claim no liability for accidents on the property doesn’t mean that they are suddenly immune from all responsibilities in ensuring the safety of their guests, neither does it mean that you can’t file a lawsuit against the business for an accident you suffered on their property.

These signs are simply used to deter people from hiring an attorney to recuperate compensation for their injuries. Texas premises liability laws are in place to ensure public safety on properties such as businesses and to help assign liability when a person is injured on particular premises.

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