Download Your FREE Copy of Our Storm Damage Claims 101 Guide For This Hurricane Season

Download Storm Damage Claims 101

Hurricane season is upon us and the Storm Damage claim attorneys from Moore Law Firm want to make sure that you are prepared for not only what to do before a major storm event but for what comes next in rebuilding your home.

Moore Law Firm is offering a FREE downloadable Storm Damage Claims 101 guide to help you navigate storm preparation tips and provide industry secrets in making sure that your storm damage insurance claim is adjusted fairly.

Here are a few reasons why you should download our FREE Storm Damage Claims 101 guide immediately:

Be Prepared For Another Major Hurricane

2017’s Hurricane Harvey accounted for approximately $125 Billion in damage, which now ranks as the 2nd costliest hurricane in history after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina ($160 Billion)

Meteorologists are warning that this hurricane season may see a rise in what they are calling “Super-Storms,” possibly labeling these as new “Category 6 Hurricanes.”

One question you should legitimately ask yourself is “Am I fully prepared for a super-storm similar to Hurricane Harvey?”

If your answer is “no,” download our FREE Storm Damage Claims 101 guide right now to help prepare you for the worst.

Storm Adjusters Habitually Undervalue and Deny Legitimate Storm Damage Claims

It’s no secret that immediately after a major storm catastrophe such as Hurricane Harvey, insurance carriers deploy hundreds of “Stormtroopers” who are often hastily hired on as adjusters with no real previous storm damage adjusting experience to quickly adjust a vast number of storm damage claims in a small amount of time.

It’s reasonable to say that mistakes WILL be made and damage WILL be missed on your storm damage claim. At times, these “stormtroopers” won’t even get onto your roof to inspect the damage.

Weeks later, you’ll likely receive a letter in the mail from your carrier either grossly undervaluing or outright denying your storm damage claim.

What should you do next? Do you have legal rights to have your claim adjusted fairly? At what point should I hire a storm damage lawyer to represent my storm damage claim?

By downloading a FREE copy of our Storm Damage Claims 101 guide, you will be fully prepared in understanding what you should do to in order to make sure your storm damage claim is adjusted fairly.

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Call The Hurricane Damage Lawyers at Moore Law Firm For More Information On How They Can Help With Your Storm Damage Claim

If you need more information on how you can be prepared this hurricane season or if you are in need of an experienced storm damage claim attorney, call Moore Law Firm today. The call, consultation, and even to begin your case are all absolutely FREE! Speak to an experienced hurricane damage lawyer from Moore Law Firm right now about your storm damage case by calling 1-956-631-0745 right now.

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