Navigating Roof Insurance Claims After Houston’s Recent Storms

In the aftermath of the recent severe storms in Houston, many homeowners are facing the harsh realities of roof damage. At Moore Law Firm, we understand the urgency and complexity of dealing with insurance claims that are often denied, delayed, or underpaid. With over 30 years of dedicated service in first-party insurance claims, we are well-equipped to guide you through the process of securing the compensation you deserve.

Why Act Now?

The recent storms have brought not just rain and wind, but significant challenges to homeowners’ lives. One critical aspect often overlooked until too late is roof damage. Insurance companies may have policies that offer replacement cost coverage, but only if claims are filed within a certain timeline. As roofs age, insurance companies might switch to offering only actual cash value coverage, which factors in depreciation and could significantly lower the payout you receive.

 Steps to Handle Your Roof Claim Effectively

1. Review Your Policy: It’s essential to understand whether you have actual cash value or replacement cost coverage. This determines how much the insurance will cover in the event of damage.

2. File Your Claim Promptly: If your policy covers replacement cost, don’t delay in filing a claim. Specify that it’s due to recent storm damage, characterized by wind, hail, or other factors. Delays can lead to complications and reduced coverage.

3. Professional Roof Inspection: Even if there are no visible leaks, a professional can assess less obvious damage caused by high winds. This step is crucial to support your claim effectively.

4. Choose the Right Roofing Company: Before you initiate a claim, decide on a reputable roofing company. They can assist in claim handling, but ensure this is the company you want to work with, as your agreement might bind you to their service upon claim approval.

Why Choose Moore Law Firm?

Moore Law Firm stands as Houston’s leading firm in handling first-party insurance claims. With our profound experience and dedication, we ensure our clients receive fair and just treatment from insurance companies. If you’re facing hurdles with your insurance claim post-storm, let us help you navigate through these challenging times. Our expertise is not just in law; it’s in restoring peace of mind to our clients.

As your advocates, we promise to fight tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you need to recover from storm damage. Don’t navigate this alone; let Moore Law Firm guide you through every step of your insurance claim process.

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