How To Appeal a Homeowners Insurance Claim in Texas

Appealing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Has your homeowners insurance claim been denied or underpaid? DON’T PANIC: appealing your homeowners insurance claim is a lot easier than you realize.

Using this approach has helped tens of thousands of Texas homeowners successfully appeal their damage claims and has overturned their denials into payouts. On average, using this appeal process can help increase low-ball offers by over 250%.  Following these steps are a great way to help give your claim a fighting chance to get paid.

Step #1. Don’t Sign Anything Agreeing With Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Result

This is quite possibly the most critical step to begin appealing your homeowners insurance claim. Signing off on any documents that agree with your initial claim result can essentially kill any chance for an appeal. This also includes cashing any checks given to you by your insurance company.

In Texas, if your homeowners insurance claim is denied, you’ll likely only receive a letter in the mail and you’ll typically not have to sign anything. If your homeowners insurance claim was a low-ball offer, you’ll likely only receive your check in the mail and, again, you’ll typically not have to sign anything either. Regardless, do not sign any documents that make you agree with your claim and DO NOT CASH THAT LOW-BALL CHECK.

If you’ve already signed off on the claim or cashed a check from your insurance company, there’s a slight chance that your claim can still be overturned and won, however it makes winning your appeal much more difficult.

Step #2. Gather All Documents Regarding Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Result

Make sure you save as many documents regarding your insurance claim result as you possibly can. This includes any and all letters, emails, reports, pictures, phone calls, voicemails, checks, texts, chats: anything that helps tell the story of your claim denial. All of these documents should be treated like forensic evidence for your claim.

Also, it’s important to keep your own journal to help document what occurred throughout your claim. Jot down the names of adjusters and try to remember what they inspected in your home. Did they go on the roof? How long did the inspection take? Were they taking notes? Did they take photos? Again, these are important details to have; if you can remember them, write them down.

Step #3. Hire an Experienced Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyer

This is the secret sauce that has helped tens of thousands of Texas homeowners get their claims reversed and paid out. Surprisingly, most people still don’t know that you can hire a homeowners insurance claim lawyer to negotiate your claim. Studies actually show that people who hire a lawyer for their claim are offered 3.5x more than people who don’t have one.

In Texas, if an insurance company has adjusted your claim falsely or in “bad faith,” they can be on the hook for 3x the amount it’ll take to fix your home plus pay for attorney’s fees. This can only be achieved by hiring an experienced homeowners insurance claim lawyer who can take your insurance company to court.

Why Should I Hire Moore Law Firm For My Homeowners Insurance Claim?

The homeowners insurance claim lawyers at Moore Law Firm have spent that last 28 years taking on big insurance companies. We’ve helped thousands of Texas homeowners get their claim paid.

  • FREE ENGINEER INSPECTIONS – Hiring Moore Law Firm means that you’ll have a commission of experts and engineers that will do an independent inspection of your property damage. Their job is simple: find any damage that your insurance company failed to report.
  • ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS – At Moore Law Firm, we believe in doing right by our clients. That’s why we never ask for any out-of-pocket costs and do not charge any fee if we don’t win.
  • AVAILABLE 24/7 – TEXAS WIDE – If you’re sick of dealing with your insurance company, we have representatives waiting to speak to you right now. We have the resources to help any client, anywhere in the State of Texas. From El Paso to Houston. From Amarillo down to McAllen.

Hire The Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers At Moore Law Firm Today

If you need to appeal a homeowners insurance claim ASAP, call the Texas homeowners insurance claim lawyers at Moore Law Firm today for your FREE and FAST consultation at 1-956-631-0745.

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