Who Pays For My Medical Bills When I’m In A Car Accident in Texas?

Car Accident Medical Bills in Texas

If you’ve been seriously injured in a terrible car accident that requires you to go to the emergency room, the last thing on most people’s minds is how exactly they plan to pay for their treatment.

As we’ve covered previously in our series regarding fraudulent hospital liens and criminal hospital price gouging, your emergency room bill can be astronomical depending on a variety of factors between whether you have medical insurance, if the hospital is in-network, and what that hospital charges for any number of different procedures you may need.

On top of a pricey emergency room bill, car accident victims also have to consider bills for reconstructive surgeries and follow-up therapy. After all is said and done, the average car accident injury victim can tack up medical bills of approximately $50,000 and up. Unfortunately, not every person has $50,000 just lying around.

Often, this can leave many wondering who exactly is responsible for paying these bills?

Who Pays For Car Accident Medical Bills in Texas?

The answer to this question really depends on the facts of the car accident. More specifically, it depends on whether an act of negligence has occurred against another person.

Let’s briefly review a few common car accident scenarios:

Scenario 1: You were injured in a car accident and the car accident WAS your fault.

Answer: Since the accident was your fault, you (or your own insurance, if you have coverage) will likely have to pay for your medical bills.

Scenario 2: You were injured in a car accident and the car accident WAS NOT your fault.

Answer: Since, in this scenario, you would be a victim of another person’s negligence, meaning that your medical bills would be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance.

Scenario 3: You were injured in a car accident where you were a passenger and the car accident was another car’s fault.

Answer: As with scenario 2, the at-fault driver’s insurance should cover your medical bills.

Scenario 4: You were injured in a car accident where you were a passenger and the car accident was your driver’s fault.

Answer: Since you were not the person committing a negligent act, you would still have your medical bills covered by the driver’s insurance.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Texas Car Accident Lawyer For My Car Accident Medical Bills?

There are several reasons why hiring an experienced car accident lawyer can not only be immensely beneficial for your car accident case, but it can potentially mean the difference between getting next to nothing for your injuries and having your medical bills paid in full.

  1. Insurance Greed – Although insurance companies are worth billions with most being listed on the Fortune 100, insurance companies are notorious for criminally undervaluing or even denying legitimate car accident claims. Accepting a settlement check without having an experienced car accident lawyer review your case is an enormous mistake that will effectively kill your claim.
  2. Statistically, Higher Compensation Offers – According to a report done by the insurance council, insurance companies are likely to offer three and a half times the compensation amount to a claimant with an experienced car accident lawyer over a claimant without a lawyer.
  3. Access To Expert Medical Care – Car accident lawyers will often refer their clients to vetted medical professionals who specialize in accident and injury rehabilitation for prognosis and plan of action to help nurse you back to health.
  4. Zero Out-of-Pocket Costs – Our expert car accident lawyers at Moore Law Firm all work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are zero out-of-pocket costs that you will have to pay. Essentially, we won’t take a fee unless we help you win your claim.

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