McAllen Medical Center Desperately Appeals To Supreme Court To Scam Patients With Hospital Liens

Attorneys representing McAllen Medical Center in the hospital lien lawsuit have filed an appeal to the Supreme Court in an effort to continue scamming their patients.

As many of you are aware, McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer J. Michael Moore and his team at Moore Law Firm have been fighting for patients who have been victims of the hospital lien scam that has been perpetuated by McAllen Medical Center and other hospitals throughout the Rio Grande Valley and Texas. The fraudulent hospital lien lawsuit was filed in 2015 as we now are representing over 5,000 victims of this heinous scam.

Back in October 2017, McAllen Medical Center filed a Motion for Summary Judgment, which is essentially a motion to try to have the case thrown out of court without it ever going to trial in front of a jury. Judge David Sanchez of the 444th District Court DENIED their motion in May 2018.

After losing the first time, McAllen Medical Center appealed via Writ of Mandamus to the 13th District Court of Appeals, believing Judge Sanchez abused his discretion and should have thrown out the case. Judge Nelda Rodriguez wrote the opinion of the appellate court which DENIED their appeal, stating “McAllen (Medical Center) has not met its burden to obtain mandamus relief. Accordingly, we deny the petition for writ of mandamus.”

Now having lost twice, McAllen Medical Center has appealed to the Texas Supreme Court with another Writ of Mandamus in an attempt to continue their abuse of the Texas hospital lien law.

How Is McAllen Medical Center Scamming Patients With Hospital Liens?

McAllen Medical Center, as well as other Rio Grande Valley hospitals named in the fraudulent hospital lien lawsuit, have been scamming patients by way of fraudulent collections and abuse of the Texas Hospital Lien Law (Texas Property Code, Chapter 55).

The hospital lien law states that in order for a hospital lien to be valid, the patient must be “admitted to a hospital not later than 72 hours after the accident.”

In an article written by Law360, principal attorney and owner of Moore Law Firm, J. Michael Moore said “the hospital is abusing the system and harming its patients…the cases involve people who were not fully admitted to the hospital — a required step for the hospital to then impose a lien — but only treated in the emergency room and released the same day.”

“Ask any doctor — going to the emergency room is not being admitted to the hospital. That is called outpatient care. Being admitted to the hospital requires a doctor’s order. A hospital is not a hotel; it takes a doctor’s orders to get into a hospital,” said Moore. “They are just filing hospital liens on everybody.”

The hospital lien law also states that the hospital lien amount needs to be the “reasonable and regular rate.”

“Hospitals are using ‘chargemaster’ rates, which can result in charges that are multiples higher than what an insured person would pay. Many of our plaintiffs have hospital liens for short-term emergency room care that run to around $30,000.”

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