J. Michael Moore Inducted As One Of The Best Attorneys Of America

Moore Law Firm’s principal attorney and founder, J. Michael Moore has been officially inducted as a lifetime member of the prestigious Best Attorneys of America.

Membership in the Best Attorneys of America is notoriously selective with less than 1% of all lawyers nationwide being nominated and even less who are eventually inducted.

“This is a tremendous honor for myself, my family, and my staff,” said J. Michael Moore shortly after learning he had been inducted. “To be recognized as one of the Best Attorneys of America is something all lawyers aspire to be and I’m blessed that the work of myself and my staff has been recognized alongside some of the greatest lawyers in the country.”

With this great honor, J. Michael Moore adds another accolade to an over 27-year prestigious legal career. When asked what has been his biggest inspiration that has led him to this point to his career, Moore said “knowing we’re doing something legitimately good for the people we serve. Our clients are our neighbors, our friends, our family.”

“My goal when I sought out to be a lawyer over 27 years ago was to one day be an attorney that would help make a positive impact in my community and to provide meaningful access to justice for those who needed it the most.

Currently, J. Michael Moore and his staff at Moore Law Firm represent clients for bodily injuries, storm damage claims, wrongful termination, as well as fraudulent hospital liens.

From Humble Beginnings To Star McAllen Lawyer

Born and raised in McAllen, Texas, J. Michael Moore attended high school at McAllen High School. After graduating from Sam Houston State, Mr. Moore attended Michigan State University College of Law where he graduated at the top of his class as Cum Laude 1991.

Shortly after, Moore returned home to McAllen on a mission to establish an exceptional, client-first law firm with staff that shared his vision in being examples and positive members of our community.

Speak To One Of The Best Attorneys of America Today

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