RECALL ALERT: Over 165,000 LBS Of Ground Beef Recalled After E. Coli Outbreak

As news poured in of an E. coli outbreak in 10 different states that sickened over 150 people and hospitalizing 20, the USDA Food and Safety Inspection has now found the culprits. 82 tons of ground beef from two meat producers have both recalled after samples of both tested positive for Escherichia coli O103 (E. coli).

K2D foods, based in Georgia, recalled 56 tons of ground beef, while Grant Park Packing, based in Illinois, recalled 26 tons respectively.

The investigation into the outbreak began on March 26th when both Kentucky and Georgia reported a large number of E. coli related illnesses to the Center for Disease Control. The outbreak spread to Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, and Virginia.

The tainted meat products were made available via distribution centers to sell to restaurants and not the general public.

No deaths, as well as no incidents in Texas, have been reported to date.

I Was Sent To The Hospital Due To Food Poisoning Recall. Do I Have A Case?

If you contracted an illness linked to a recalled food product, you absolutely have a claim for compensation for your injuries, your medical bills, and even your lost wages if you had to miss time for work.

Speaking with an experienced food poisoning lawyer can help you navigate through your food poisoning claim and could potentially mean the difference between recovering money for your injuries and recovering nothing.

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