When Should I Get A Car Accident Injury Lawyer?

If you’re fortunate enough, you will go through your entire life without ever getting into a car accident, however, chances are, you either already have been or will be involved in a car accident at some point. Statistics actually show that you should expect to be in a car accident once every 17 years. This may not sound very serious, but if you do the math, that’s actually 3-4 accidents before you reach 65!

Thankfully, most car accidents that happen are minor and aren’t any more complicated than needing to swap insurance information with the other driver. However, there are other instances where there are SERIOUS circumstances involved like an injury or a death which may involve quite a bit more steps than your normal fender bender.

Typically, the more serious your car accident, the more people you should expect to be involved in what exactly happened. Police officers write reports on the facts, medical professionals treat those who are injured in the car accident, adjusters inspect the vehicles, and even lawyers will step in to help accident victims in a variety of ways.

So the question remains, in between recovering from your car accident, speaking to the police, receiving calls from insurance adjusters and getting outrageous medical bills:

At What Point Should I Get A Lawyer Involved In My Car Accident Injury?

The answer really all depends on your situation and the facts surrounding the car accident. Typically, when you call a car accident lawyer or a personal injury lawyer, they’ll listen to the facts of your case and often, they’ll be able to quickly determine whether or not the car accident lawyer can help.

By following this car accident lawyer flowchart, you can actually help yourself determine if hiring a car accident lawyer is the best move for you!

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