RGV Law Enforcement To Ramp Up DWI Patrol After Recent String of DWI Fatalities

Hidalgo County District Attorney, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Cameron County District Attorney, Luis Saenz, partnered together along with local law enforcement to hold a press conference regarding their plans of action to combat DWI accidents throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

The Monitor’s Molly Smith covered the emotional press conference as peace officers from both sides addressed the recent string of DWI fatalities of Hidalgo County public safety employees.

Cameron County DA Saenz stated, “when you drink and drive and get behind the wheel, that is my business, that is DA Ricardo Rodriguez’s business, that is DPS’ business and that is the business of all these fine folks (in law enforcement) that you see here.”

On December 9th, Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher Sandra Coronado was struck and killed by a drunk driver in Edinburg on her way to work. No more than a week later, another drunk driver crashed into an EMS transporting a patient in Edinburg. Both the EMS medic Felipe Huerta, Jr. and patient Delia Cortines died at the scene while EMS medic Andrea Rodriguez is currently being hospitalized.

Rio Grande Valley DWI Statistics

If there is any silver lining to these tragic deaths, it is that DWI awareness has moved to the forefront for a region that suffers from some of the worst DWI statistics in the state. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, here are the DWI statistics for the Rio Grande Valley for 2017:

DWI Fatalities By County

Hidalgo – 22
Cameron – 7
Starr – 1
Willacy – 4

DWI Accidents By County

Hidalgo – 751
Cameron – 365
Starr – 20
Willacy – 20

When To Involve A Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

If you were a victim of a DWI car accident: You should call a DWI car accident attorney as soon as you’re able to do so. The reason why anyone would need a car accident attorney for situations like these is to help ensure that you are given the best possible chance to recover money to pay for your medical bills and any other damages that you may be owed. Evidence can be extremely perishable so preserving the evidence of the car accident is extremely precious to your car accident case. Every day, more and more evidence could either be lost or forgotten; hiring an experienced car accident lawyer can help ensure that the evidence is preserved and used in your favor.

Car accident lawyers can also look into whether anyone else, other than the drunk driver who hit you, may be at fault for your injuries. Whether poor city planning or even the bar the made the driver intoxicated, an experienced car accident lawyer should have a strategy laid out to ensure you potentially receive the most money for your injuries.

If you were a driver who caused a DWI car accident: Strangely enough, depending on the circumstances of the case, you may actually be entitled to compensation for your injuries as well. Texas law also protects victims of overserving, called “dram shop laws.” These are laws put in place to keep restaurants from negligently over serving their guests; IE a bar cannot continue to serve you or sell you alcohol if you are clearly intoxicated and may be a clear danger to yourself.

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