Should I Get A Lawyer If I Was Injured On An Airplane?

In 2018, U.S. and foreign airlines carried an all-time high of 1 billion U.S. passengers. With people flying more than ever and with the holidays just around the corner, you can expect airlines to be as busy as ever. Unfortunately, with airlines regularly overbooking their flights and cramming their passengers into smaller seats, you can also expect more passenger injuries

Of course, no one wants to ever think about this scenario when they’re traveling, however, the reality is that airplane injuries happen every single day. Injuries caused by turbulence, slip and falls, and unsecured luggage are all too common for airline passengers. In fact, to date, there have been approximately 998 accidents resulting in injuries reported on airplanes this year alone according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

With accidents on airplanes being as common as they are, it’s important that you take the time to prepare for what comes after your accident and to educate yourself with your rights as a passenger.

Who Is Responsible For My Medical Bills If I Was Injured On An Airplane?

In a typical personal injury case, it’s usually fairly clear to determine who is liable for your injuries. For example, if you’re injured in a car accident, an experienced car accident lawyer would know that the person who caused your injury is the person who is liable for the accident, and thus, is liable to cover your medical bills.

This concept is fairly simple and is similarly applied to injuries while on an airplane, however, the Montreal Convention has helped clear up any issues of liability.

The Montreal Convention is a treaty that helps assign liability when accidents or wrongful deaths occur during a flight and disembarking from a flight. Specifically, it states:

The carrier is liable for damage sustained in case of death or bodily injury of a passenger upon condition only that the accident which caused the death or injury took place on board the aircraft or in the course of any of the operations of embarking or disembarking.

To answer the question, if you’re injured as a passenger while you are on an airplane, the airline carrier is liable for your injuries and responsible for paying for your medical bills.

Can A United States Lawyer Represent Me If I Get Hurt In The Plane While Traveling To Another Country?

Although it sounds like an injury mid-flight across another country’s airspace may sound complicated, this question is actually addressed in the very same passage of the Montreal Convention. It states that the carrier is liable for a passenger’s injuries if they occurred while “onboard the aircraft” or while “embarking or disembarking.

This means that if you are a victim of an accident while in the care of a US airline, even in another country, you can definitely be represented by a United States lawyer for your injuries.

Should I Hire A Lawyer If I Was Injured On An Airplane?

Absolutely. Just like every other personal injury case, if you were injured due to the negligence of someone else, there are laws in place to ensure that you are compensated for your medical bills and treatment. If you’re injured on an airplane, don’t hesitate to speak to an injury lawyer about your rights as a passenger.

Delays in hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer to provide you with sound legal advice could spell the difference between being compensated for your claim and losing out on getting your medical bills covered.

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