Texas Hospital That Charged Patient $109K For Heart Attack Care Has Reduced The Bill To $332

Last week, Chad Terhune of Kaiser Health News wrote about Drew Calver, the 44-year-old Texas teacher who suffered a heart attack, had health insurance and was still stuck with a nearly $109,000 hospital bill. Calver’s insurance covered approximately $55,000  for a four-day stay at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, TX.

From the article:

The total bill $164,941 for a four-day hospital stay, including $42,944 for four stents and $10,920 for room charges. Calver’s insurer paid $55,840. The hospital billed Calver for the unpaid balance of $108,951.31.

Here is a closer look at Calver’s egregious hospital bill:

After significant backlash, St. David’s Medical Center incredibly decided to adjust their hospital bill nearly 99.64%, down to a minuscule $332.

Why Do Hospitals Continue To Gauge Patients With Incredibly High Hospital Bills?

Most hospitals, as we have covered previously, are businesses ran to appease their shareholders. At the end of the day, many hospitals are concerned with the bottom line, and to help protect that bottom line, hospitals will charge well and above the reasonable and regular rate, typically at the expense of everyday patients who are in need of serious medical care.

At times, hospitals will even file a hospital lien with these insanely inflated costs in an effort to extort car accident victims from the settlement their car accident attorney was able to acquire for them. In Texas, this practice is actually illegal and the offending hospital could potentially be sued for hospital billing fraud.

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