What Happens If I’m Injured At A Concert?

Thanks to internet streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube that have exposed small-budding acts to millions of listeners, coupled with brand new venues popping up all over the country, even here in the Rio Grande Valley, the number of concerts and live music events being held has risen exponentially. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who HASN’T been to a music concert or a live music event in the last year or so.

For the most part, concerts can be incredible, unique experiences for those in attendance, however, it is actually extremely unlikely that at least 1 concert attendee ISN’T involved in some sort of injury during the course of the event.

If you or a loved one are ever injured while attending a concert, it’s important to know that you have rights, however, it’s also important to know that concert venues are not always liable (at fault) for every single injury that occurs during these concerts.

Here are a few scenarios to help better understand Texas injury laws and how they are applied to concert venues.

Scenario 1: A light fixture becomes loose, falling on your head, leaving you unconscious. 

Yes, the venue would be held liable to pay for your injuries. The venue is responsible to ensure that their venue is safe for people to attend, that means securing loose fixtures and other equipment that can be harmful to guests.

Scenario 2: While standing in the general admission/unassigned area, another concert attendee accidentally bumps into you, causing you to fall and injure your arm.

In this case, the venue would NOT be held responsible/liable to compensate you for your injuries. The person who bumped into you acted on their own negligence, not the venue’s as they are not an agent or employee of the venue.

Scenario 3: On your way to the restroom, you slip and fall on the stairs, injuring your leg. 

This really all depends on what exactly caused you to slip and fall. If you simply tripped over your own foot, the venue would not be held liable for your injuries. The venue would be liable if the cause of the fall was due to a crack on the step, or a broken/missing handrail and if the owner was aware of the danger before-hand and failed to fix the issue. This is also the case if you slipped on spilled liquid; a premises liability attorney would have to prove that the venue was made aware of the spill and either failed to warn other attendees by sectioning off the area or failed to clean it up.

Scenario 4: A perpetrator gets through security with a weapon and with the objective to harm other concert attendees. You subsequently are injured by the weapon of the perpetrator.

If it can be proven that the venue failed to appropriately screen the perpetrator for the weapon, then yes, the venue would be liable for any injuries you may have suffered due to their negligence.

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