What Should I Do If I’m Hit By A Drunk Driver?

Being a victim of a DWI accident is one of the most harrowing experiences anyone can have and are inherently different from standard car accidents in many ways. What makes DWI accidents unique is that they are entirely avoidable and can often have more than just the drunk driver who’s to blame.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the Rio Grande Valley averages over 1,000 DWI related car accidents every year meaning it is likely that either yourself or someone you know may potentially be involved in a DWI accident.

As cold and as terse as it sounds, the harsh reality of being involved in not only a DWI accident, but in any car accident, is that a lot of car accident claims, which are used to pay for your medical bills, are won or lost in the moments after the accident. One wrong move could end up costing you thousands in potential injury compensation.

Being prepared for every situation is extremely important to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the accident but to also ensure that your DWI accident claim is set up for success.

Five Steps You Should Take After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

  1. Call 911 – This is a no-brainer; emergency services need to show up immediately to evaluate the health of everyone involved in the accident. DO NOT WAIT TO ASK IF EVERYONE IS OK TO DIAL 911. DO IT IMMEDIATELY!
  2. Get Their License Plate and Assess The Scene – While on the phone with the dispatcher, answer their questions as best as possible but also try your best to assess the scene. Look for indicators that tell you where the accident occurred, look for the driver who crashed into you and ask yourself “Do they seem intoxicated?” If the answer is yes, you must communicate that with the dispatcher immediately. All 911 calls are recorded so make sure you say the license plate number of the person who hit you. This is important in the event that the person tries to escape before the police arrive.
  3. Take Pictures – Take our your cell phone and start taking pictures of the accident. It helps to think of the scene of the accident as the scene of a crime. Try not to move or touch anything and simply take photos of the accident. Take photos of your injuries as well as the other driver’s license plates. All of these may possibly be used in evidence in a trial so it’s important to take plenty of photos that really tell the story of what happened.
  4. Flag Down Witnesses – If there are any witnesses around, make sure they stick around until the police arrive so that they may have an official record and testimony of what took place.

When Should I Talk To A Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer?

Immediately, however, it is important to do your research before hiring a car accident lawyer. AVOID CASE RUNNERS AT ALL TIMES! After your accident, you will probably receive upwards of 10 to 20 phone calls as well as people trying to contact you in the lobby of a hospital. This is EXTREMELY ILLEGAL and any lawyers using these case runners need to be reported to the police immediately.

Remember this: A lawyer CANNOT approach you or call you about your accident unless YOU have called or approached them first.

As with every other car accident case, time is of the essence. As we had talked about gathering evidence before, a skilled DWI accident lawyer will be able to use this evidence to your advantage and help potentially recover compensation for your injuries.

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