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What Happens When A Business Posts a “We’re Not Responsible” Sign? – Moore Answers

  3.11.2017   admin   Personal Injury   No comments

If you’ve been to your local restaurant or laundromat, you’ve probably seen a sign posted somewhere that reads “Notice: We Are Not Responsible For Any Accidents On This Property.” Does

United Airlines Passenger Beaten and Dragged By Airport Security

  10.04.2017   admin   Personal Injury   No comments

Videos has begun to circulate showing a man being beaten and dragged senselessly by airport security because he refused to give up his seat to a United Airlines employee.

Child Dies, Two Others Injured After Vicious Dog Attack

  17.01.2017   admin   Personal Injury   No comments

In a story reported by Fox 5 Atlanta, a 5 year-old boy has been killed and two more children have been injured after a dog attack Tuesday morning in Southwest

TxDOT Urges Drivers to ‘END THE STREAK’ of Daily Fatalities

Every single day since November 7th, 2000, at least one person has died on Texas roadways. That’s a total of 5,478 consecutive days of at least one fatality. It’s a

Drunk Driving on St. Patrick’s Day? Don’t Push Your Luck

The first sign of Spring, for most of us who live in South Texas anyway, doesn’t come from the warming of the air or the smell of crisp, fresh rain

Texas Leads Nation in Workplace Fatalities

Everything is bigger in Texas. Sometimes, that’s not always a good thing. In between all the talk about job growth and increasing employment opportunities throughout the state is a growing concern for

Why Texting and Driving Is More Dangerous Than You Think

It’s 2015 and more people have access to smart phones than ever before. By the end of this year, statistics show that cell phone usage worldwide will push passed the