CONSUMER ALERT: Parked BMW’s Catching On Fire

More and more news organizations around the world are reporting on BMW’s randomly catching on fire while parked.

Numerous of videos over the internet have sparked concern for the owners of the five million BMWs that are currently on the road. The videos are all similar in nature; a parked BMW is seen with smoke permeating the hood of the car, and within minutes, the car itself is engulfed in flames as locals and fire officials attempt to put them out.

ABC News has spearheaded the investigation into these incidents and has aired on Good Morning America, World News Tonight with David Muir and Nightline.

From ABC News:

An account ABC News of a BMW owner who’s home was destroyed due to his vehicle catching on fire inside his family’s garage:

On the night of Dec. 1, 2015, however, Macko says his 2008 BMW X5 suddenly and inexplicably caught fire as it sat parked in his garage in Olney, Maryland. Macko’s wife had just returned from a short drive, parked the car and turned it off. She entered the house and told Macko she noticed a strange smell in the car, and when Macko walked into the garage to check it out, he arrived just in time to hear a “snap, crackle, pop” and see the car burst into flames. Macko and his wife ran from the house as the fire engulfed the garage and spread throughout both the lower and upper floors. Dozens of firefighters arrived to battle the blaze, and the Mackos watched, from a neighbor’s yard, as their home burned to the ground. “You cannot do a thing,” Macko said. “That’s the sad part about it.”

When pressed about the incidents, BMW responded coldly that they have “nothing to apologize for” and they “have not seen any pattern related to quality or component failure. Vehicle fires can result from a wide variety of external reasons unrelated to product defect.”

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My car caught on fire randomly. Do I have product liability case?

Yes. Sellers are liable for the safety of the products they sell under what’s called “implied warranty of merchantability.” A car manufacturer is no different. If you have been harmed physically or suffered a tangible loss, you are well within your rights to file a product liability lawsuit in court.

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