Dallas Tornado Victims Still Haven’t Been Paid Their Damage Claims

It’s been four months since the powerful EF-3 tornado ripped through North Dallas, causing approximately $1.55 billion in damages. For many Dallas residents, its been a four-month struggle to try and get their insurance companies to fairly pay their claims. As a result, the struggling homeowners have been blanketed the city of Dallas in blue tarps which have served as a reminder that insurance companies should never be trusted with our laws.

Back in 2017, lawmakers passed HB 1774 which significantly decreased the penalties that insurance companies would have to pay for delaying the payment of a property damage claim. At the time, HB 1774 was dubbed the “blue tarp bill” and it isn’t difficult to see why. Today, the effects of that bill have reared their ugly head in Dallas where thousands of homeowners have been stuck in insurance claim hell for months, unable to secure any money from their insurance carrier to fix the damages to their homes.

What Can I Do If My Dallas Tornado Damage Claim Hasn’t Been Paid?

It’s very clear that insurance companies have no intention of promptly paying out legitimate claims. Stop waiting for your insurance company and make the first move by hiring an insurance claim lawyer who is trained in property damage claims to represent you.

Every day that you do nothing with your claim is another day that your home goes unfixed and another day for your home to sustain more damage. A trained insurance claim attorney will quickly review your case and help navigate your claim to a potential payout.

Call The Dallas Tornado Claim Lawyer At Moore Law Firm Today

If you were a victim of the 2019 Dallas tornado, you need to call the Dallas tornado damage claim lawyers at Moore Law Firm today!

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