Historic Hailstorm Rocks Del Rio, Texas With Baseball Sized Hail


On Saturday, April 11, reports of hailstones as large as baseballs (2.75 in. diameter) and softballs (4 in.) were reported throughout the city of Del Rio, Texas.

At approximately 8:00 PM, a storm cell carrying hail and dangerous 60-mile wind gusts made its way through the city as the earliest reports of hail occurred shortly after at 8:02 PM.

A few years ago, Del Rio was the center of another historic hail storm that led to Texas Governor Greg Abbott to declare a state of disaster. Although the hail damage is still being assessed, there’s every indication that this hailstorm was far worse.

Meteorologist Dan Schreiber told the Del Rio News Herold that “There were numerous reports of golf ball-sized hail throughout Del Rio, and several reports of baseball to softball-sized hail. This storm was rather non-discriminatory – it hit just about every part of town.”

Photos and Video of The April 2020 Del Rio Hailstorm

What Should I Do If My Property Was Damaged In The April 2020 Del Rio Hailstorm?

Just as in every case involving storm damage to your home or business, in order to make sure that your homeowners’ insurance claim is treated fairly, you MUST do the following:

  1. FILE YOUR CLAIM – The easiest step in the entire process. Be mindful that the entire city of Del Rio was hit, so the earlier you file your hail damage claim, the sooner you may get your claim resolved.
  2. TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR DAMAGE – Your house just went through a MAJOR hail storm and nobody knows your property like you do. Make sure you take pictures of any and all suspected damage in every part of the property.
  3. MITIGATE YOUR DAMAGES – Tarp your roof and board up any broken windows. In all likelihood, your policy requires you to do what you can to make sure the damage doesn’t get any worse. Failure to do so could destroy the chances of getting a fair value on your hail damage claim.
  4. CALL A DEL RIO HAILSTORM LAWYER – The best way to ensure that your hail damage claim is treated fairly is to hire an experienced hail damage lawyer. Partnering with an expert on hail damage claims who negotiates and has tried some of the state’s most contentious hail claims in court is certainly an advantage you should consider.

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