Houston Neighborhoods Bombarded By Softball Sized Hail

Neighborhoods in all over Houston were hit with softball sized hail leaving a path of destruction that included broken windows, lifted and broken roof shingles among other property damage to homes in the area.

Weather reports indicate that wind speeds in parts of Houston reached up to 58 MPH while multiple trees and powerlines were reported down by eyewitnesses.

Houston ABC 13’s meteorologist David Tillman asserted that the hail storm was, in fact, wind driven:

Tweets, Videos, and Pictures of the Houston Hail Storm:

What Should I Do If My House Has Hail Damage?

  1. File Your Claim Right Now – Call your insurance carrier immediately so that they know that your house has been through a damaging event. There will likely be thousands of calls made in the Houston area so the sooner you call to file your claim, the sooner your hail damage can be adjusted.
  2. Take Photographs Of The Damage – The damage sustained by your home is the evidence that NEEDS to be preserved. Without this evidence, there’s room for doubt and room for your insurance carrier to get away with not paying your legitimate hail claim. Photographs can provide undeniable proof of your damages and be instrumental in helping to get your hail damage claim paid out.
  3. Mitigate Your Damages – It’s likely that in your homeowner’s policy, there’s a provision that requires you to “mitigate your damages.” What this means is that you have to do what you can to make sure your damages don’t get any worse. Things like putting up a tarp over your roof or boarding up broken windows can help make sure your home doesn’t go through any more damage as these types of damages may not be covered.
  4. Talk To A Hail Damage Lawyer – If your hail damage claim has been denied, delayed, or underpaid, partnering with an experienced hail damage claim lawyer can mean the difference between getting next to nothing and getting your home repaired.

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