How The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Affect Your Case

As our federal, state, and local governments have initiated procedures to combat the spread of COVID-19, it is important to understand how these procedures will affect your case with Moore Law Firm.

How Will COVID-19 Affect My Case?

Following Texas Governor Abbott’s disaster declaration, the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals jointly ordered the following:

  • Modify or suspend any and all deadlines and procedures, whether prescribed by statute, rule, or order, for a stated period ending no later than 30 days after the Governor’s state of disaster has been lifted;
  • Allow or require anyone involved in any hearing, deposition, or other proceeding of any kind—including but not limited to a party, attorney, witness, or court reporter, but not including a juror—to participate remotely, such as by teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or other means;
  • All courts in Texas may extend the statute of limitations in any civil case for a stated period ending no later than 30 days after the Governor’s state of disaster has been lifted.
  • This Order is effective as of March 13, 2020, and expires May 8, 2020, unless extended by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Here is the complete order:

Texas Supreme Court – Texas Criminal Court of Appeals COVID-19 Emergency Order by Moore Law Firm on Scribd

What Does The COVID-19 Texas Supreme Court Emergency Order Mean For My Case?

If we have filed a lawsuit for your case, it means that all deadlines have been temporarily suspended. However, it DOES NOT mean that work on your case has stopped. We are still writing briefs, motions, discovery as well as continuously negotiating, researching and ultimately preparing your case for trial.

If we have not filed a lawsuit for your case, it means that any claims where a statute of limitations (the time you have left to legally file a lawsuit) was going to run out has now been pushed back. However, it DOES NOT mean that a lawsuit WILL NOT be filed for your case or that work on your case has stopped. We are still writing and sending demands, acquiring pertinent records, and negotiating on your behalf with insurance adjusters.

What Moore Law Firm Is Doing To Help Progress Your Case

As of the time of this writing, our offices are still open and we are still seeing clients and potential clients in person. However, for the safety of our visitors and employees, we are implementing the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing during all in-person communication. We are also discouraging those most susceptible to the serious illness caused by the coronavirus to not visit our offices, but instead, call our offices for any updates on their case or any information about how Moore Law Firm may be able to represent you at 1-956-631-0745.

As mentioned previously, the disaster declarations, as well as the Texas Supreme Court’s emergency order, HAVE NOT suspended our work here at the firm. We have prepared all essential staff to work from home if necessary, and we will continue to provide you with updates on our offices and your case as our government’s COVID-19 procedures continue to develop.

We are committed to continuing to utilize all of our resources in providing you with outstanding representation in an effort to resolve your case with the best possible outcome.

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If you have any questions at all about your case or about a potential case you may have, please feel free to call the McAllen car accident lawyers at Moore Law Firm today at 1-956-631-0745.

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