How To Fight An Underpaid Insurance Claim

Was Your Insurance Claim Underpaid? Follow This Step-by-Step Guide On How to Fight an Underpaid Insurance Claim.

If you’re reading this, it likely means that you’ve just received your check from your insurance for your storm damage claim. It also means that check was way short on how much it’s actually going to cost to fix your house.

With over 28 years of storm damage claim experience, we can tell you that, unfortunately, this happens all of the time. You pay your insurance premiums on time every month, only to have them leave you hanging when you need them the most.

The important thing to remember is that you SHOULD NOT PANIC and that THERE’S STILL HOPE to get your storm damage claim paid.

If your storm damage claim was underpaid, here’s what you need to do:

Steps On How To Fight An Underpaid Insurance Claim

Step 1: Don’t Accept Their Offer – This sounds like a no-brainer, but DO NOT accept their offer. Doing so doesn’t mean your fight for more money is over, it just means that it may be harder.  The name of the game is to make the path to potentially more money as clear as possible. Accepting their offer could complicate things in fighting for your storm damage claim.

Step 2: Gather All of Your Evidence – If you want a fighting chance at your storm claim, try to gather up as much information about the claim as possible. Any letters you received, the dates of phone calls made, who you spoke to, etc. All of this is extremely important.

Step 3: Call A Storm Damage Claim Lawyer – This is the most important step. If you don’t seek out legal advice to see what can be done for your claim, you may as well do nothing and just accept their low offer. An experienced storm damage lawyer will have a strategy set in place to help get your claim moving in the right direction. Storm damage lawyers often have experience in dealing with adjusters who won’t budge and can expertly negotiate your storm damage claim. You also need to consider that your claim actually has a running clock attached to it to where if a lawsuit isn’t filed in time, you could lose your claim forever.

I Can’t Afford A Storm Damage Lawyer Right Now. What Can I Do?

The storm damage claim lawyers at Moore Law Firm understand that, right now, you’re fighting for every dollar to fix your property. It would be entirely unacceptable for us to require you to pay any money up-front to represent you for your storm damage claim. That’s why we work on a contingency fee model instead to help all of our clients.

Under a contingency fee model:

  • It’s FREE to start your case
  • There are NO COSTS up-front
  • There are ZERO out-of-pocket costs
  • We only get paid if you WIN

At Moore Law Firm, we believe that access to justice should be available to everybody regardless of their income or their ability to pay.

Call The Texas Storm Damage Lawyers At Moore Law Firm Today

If your storm damage claim has been underpaid, you need to call the Texas storm damage lawyers at Moore Law Firm TODAY for a FAST and FREE consultation at 1-956-631-0745

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