Tropical Development Could Turn Into Hurricane Joyce; RGV In Path

Meteorologists are keeping an eye on some tropical development in the Carribean Sea, currently named “Invest-95” that could potentially grow into a tropical depression, tropical storm, or this season’s next hurricane and head anywhere between the Rio Grande Valley and Houston.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the tropical development is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico later this week and is being given 60% chance in growing into a depression, storm, or Hurricane Joyce. This development is likely to bring heavy rains and flash floods, similar to the flooding that McAllen, Mission and other parts of the Valley experienced Sunday night.

Always Be Ready For Storm Damage

Even if this tropical development does not turn into a stronger storm such as a hurricane, you should always be prepared in the event that it does. Not only should you be prepared for evacuation and survival but you should also consider home repairs and even alternative living if your home is unliveable. With Hurricane Harvey still fresh in the minds of fellow Texans, it’s always better to be safe than sorry in making sure that you’re ready for the next major storm.

What Should I Do If My Home Suffers Through Storm Damage?

  1. Take Photos – Take as many photos of the damage as possible and always keep a copy for yourself. Your insurance carrier may ask you for these photos as well so be prepared to allow your carrier to view them.
  2. Submit Your Storm Damage Claim – Your insurance carrier needs to know that your home has been through a devastating storm. You must do this immediately as time is always a factor with claims such as these; your insurance carrier may have specific instructions on how long your claim deadline so always refer to your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  3. Hire A Storm Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer – Did you know that hiring an attorney to handle your storm damage insurance claim could result in receiving 3.5 times more money from your insurance carrier than without an attorney? Just as immediately as you filed your claim, you should also consider speaking to an experienced storm damage insurance claim lawyer to provide you with sound legal advice, offer you a property damage expert’s 2nd opinion, and for your peace of mind knowing that your claim will be reviewed by a lawyer with experience in handling storm damage insurance claims. As many ways as there are to win your storm damage claim, there are certainly always ways you could potentially lose your storm damage claim and lose out on the money you need to fix your home, so always be aware that an experienced storm damage insurance claim lawyer could help you avoid those pitfalls.

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